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470 IN 2024 - ACCESSIBLE


  • From Newcomers to Elite - club racing to international event programmes to Worlds to Olympics - two-person dinghy sailing offers widespread participation and racing opportunities across a lifetime
  • Skills - the 470 requires a skill set that can readily be obtained by sailors in developing sailing nations.
  • Attainable - Olympic sailing must offer attainable access to Olympic Games, and two-person dinghy sailing achieves that
  • Affordable - a ready to sail campaign level 470 starts from €13,000. the average ready-to-race 470 price is 25% to 30% lower than  the price of the other two-person Olympic classes, and about 2½ times the price of the one-person dinghy men and women class
  • Campaign costs - on-going maintenance and campaign costs are very reasonable compared to other Olympic campaigns. Transport costs can be minimised by sailing a 470, as up to 10 boats can be shipped in a 40ft container. Economy on the road is commonly obtained with 2 boats and a coach boat on one trailer with 2 teams and 1 coach in the vehicle.
  • Everybody can Win - 19 nations have won medals in 470 Senior and Junior Worlds, Europeans and Olympics in the past 3 years, 2015-2017
  • Highly developed pathway - particularly via the popular and proven 420 and Cadet classes with 90,000 boats
  • Equipment – is easily accessible equipment from various manufacturers around the world
  • Level Field - 470 is a well-controlled one-design class, with excellent rules and building specification, delivering a level playing field with hull, rig, sails and appendages built using materials which are cheaply available around the world, through an established global manufacturer and distribution system
  • Durable - the women’s silver medal boat in Rio 2016 was a 3½ year-old boat that had sailed in most major events around the world during the 2013-2016 campaign
  • Emerging Nations  - the 470 is the ideal solution for two-person high level sailing in small and emerging nations, especially in Asia and Africa. For many nations, the 470 is the only multi-person boat sailed at the Olympics simply because it is for them the most realistic option.    
  • Worldwide - the 470 is established worldwide in over 60 nations
  • Evolution – the 470 has evolved to the point where there are no significant breakthroughs to be made within the rules and equipment is therefore very much one-design. There is no arms race in the 470. We are all aware that some manufacturers' controlled one-designs have variances in build and sailors will buy several hulls and spars to find those that they believe best suit them.

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