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There is of course a lot of debate going on about both the process that World Sailing has chosen to use to select the Events and Equipment for the 2024 Olympic Games and what is the optimum line-up of Events and Equipment.

News + Views from Leading Sailing Journalists and Personalities

The goal is to select an Events and Equipment programme that best represents the diverse sport of sailing around the world, retains participation, ensures an accessible future pathway into the sport and onto elite competition, respects the significant investment by nations, demonstrates differents forms of sailing, media friendly and so on, whilst also meeting stated IOC Objectives of: Universality, Youth Engagement, Gender Equity, Innovation etc. Here we share the News + Views published by the sport's leading journalists and personalities:

28 November 2018 The ‘need for speed’ has consequences
21 November 2018 2024 Olympic Events - Vote and Hope
15 November 2018 French lobby group credited with Offshore Keelboat win
5 November 2018   Mixed Offshore Event added to Paris 2024 at World Sailing Annual General Meeting
3 November 2018  Olympics: World Sailing Council votes Finn out - Day 1
2 November 2018 Anti-Trust probe could put 2024 Olympic classes on hold
30 October 2018 Andersen Interviewed: Conflict of Interest, Television, World Cup
30 October 2018 IOC Member Slams latest WS Board Proposal
29 October 2018 World Sailing Board makes 11th hour move on Olympic Events
26 October 2018 Andersen Interviewed: Financial concerns just "click media"
25 October 2018 Andersen Interviewed: Council went past IOC on Gender Equality
24 October 2018 Andersen Interviewed: Anti-Trust and Olympic class Selection
14 May 2018 Olympics: Can 40,000 sailors all be wrong and 17 World Sailing Event Committee members be righ?
14 May 2018 Gladwell's Line: Losing the Olympic Dressing Room
13 May 2018 Paris 2024: You can't make this stuff up
12 May 2018 Decision 2018: The Voice of Club Sailing on the Olympic petition
11 May 2018 Save out Sport Petition with over 19,000 Signatures delivered to World Sailing
11 May 2018 IOC says Sailing has already achieved Gender Equality
11 May 2018 IOC says Sailing has already achieved Gender Equality
11 May 2018 Paris 2024: Surprise moves on eve of crucial meeting
10 May 2018 The President makes a 'late submission' – a radical new proposal for 2024 Olympic Events/Classes
9 May 2018 Paris2024: Reshaping or destroying the Olympics?
7 May 2018 Balancing Traditions and Modernization
7 May 2018 Australian Sailing Statement regarding 2024 Olympics
4 May 2018 SOS: Over 8500 sign Petition in just two days...
4 May 2018 Please save our sport petition gaining momentum
4 May 2018 In less than 48 hours, over 5,000 have signed the Change.org petition asking World Sailing to 'Save our Sport'
4 May 2018 Scuttlebutt: Letters to the Editor
4 May 2018 Olympic medalists make a stand against 2024 Olympic changes
3 May 2018 2024 Olympic Events: Open Letter from US Sailing
3 May 2018 Rise Up
3 May 2018 World Sailing Executive - please save our sport... SIGN THE PETITION
3 May 2018 Scuttlebutt: Letters to the Editor
2 May 2018 Sailing Clubs: Time is Short
2 May 2018 2024 Olympics: Scene set for a tsunami of change
1 May 2018 Sailing Illustrated on Olympic Sailing and whether Kiteboarding should be a sailing event
23 April 2018 2024 Olympics: Are Kiteboards legitimately part of World Sailing?
23 April 2018 Everyone's got an opinion
21 April 2018 World Sailing: Fixing the real Olympic issues
16 April 2018 The US Sailing proposal is just sort of lame.
15 April 2018 World Sailing: Mid Year Meeting Mayhem?
12 April 2018 2024 Olympics: US Sailing's radical proposal would eliminate the Finn and 470, add 'Kite Triathlon', Team Racing and an Offshore event
9 April 2018 What sets the Olympics apart in sport
22 March 2018 The Future of Sailing by Jonas Høgh-Christensen
19 March 2018 Olympic Classes: 'We need to focus on the sailors'
15 February 2018 Olympic Games: The Challenge Ahead
5 February 2018 Paris 2024: Events and Equipment Review - Click to Spin
2 February 2018 World Sailing to put five Olympic classes under the scalpel for Paris
12 January 2018 Olympic events under Antitrust review
13 December 2017 Sailing Program Decisions for Paris 2024
11 December 2017 Olympics: World Sailing's radical plan to overhaul 2024 events/classes

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