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470 IN 2024 - UNIVERSAL


  • Encourages Participation - perfect incentive to get involved in sailing, as forges teamwork, camaraderie and excitement whether at recreational, performance or racing, with huge appeal to youth
  • Close Tactical Racing - racing is intense and ‘boat on boat’ around the track. Ease of access to dinghy sailing means a large number of nations can secure front of fleet results
  • Diversity - 6 different nations won the 6 Olympic medals in Rio 2016 and 9 nations have won the 18 Medals of the last three Olympic Games
  • Popular - the 470 has the largest nations spread across all continents, among all the WS dinghy classes except for the one-person Optimist and Laser.
  • Wide athlete body range - An accessible Olympic event, especially for lightweight athletes: the 470 has been the premier non-sailboard solution for their Olympic participation since 1976. 2012-2016 weight data ranges: 60-80 kg for men, 50-73 kg for women
  • Two-person symmetric spinnaker sailing - represents a massive population of dinghy sailing around the world and the 470 class is the most globally spread boat in this discipline.
  • Whatever the weather - the range of sail and rig controls on the 470 allows the boat to be tuned to obtain optimum performance in a wide range of conditions; a skill that is fundamental to sailing in the widest context. The result is that the 470 can be raced in winds in excess of 30 knots or as little as 3 knots.
  • Flexible Racing Options - adaptable to different racing environments like close to shore, city racing, and to a wide range of race formats
  • Media Friendly - easily understood and relevant to spectators/fans around the world

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