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2014 World Military Games

Qatar Doha Sailing Club, Qatar

The World Military Games is an annual multi-sport event for athletes in the services. The sailing event uses the 470 Class dinghy.

470 Teams from Brazil, Denmark, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Tunisia, Ukraine and United States of America are competing

Organized by the International Military Sports Council (CISM), the Games have been held since 1995, although championships for separate sports had been held for some years.

Racing will take place over four days with 12 races contested. All equipment is supplied.

History of Sailing at the World Miltary Games

In 1948, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands initiated the process that saw the birth of CISM. A year later in 1949 the 1st World Military Sailing Championships was hosted by France, in Brest. The competition was sailed in the Star Class dinghy and the gold medal was won by Denmark. The silver medal was won by the Netherlands and the United Kingdom took the bronze medal. The 2nd World Military Sailing Championship was hosted by Denmark in Copenhagen and again the Danish Sailors walked away with the Gold Medal.  

In 1954 two of CISM Sports disciplines Naval Pentathlon and Sailing were combined and formed a new CISM Sport discipline namely Sea Week.  From then through to 2000 Sea Week was presented almost every year. Sweden hosted Sea Week 8 times whilst Italy, Greece and the Netherlands have each hosted this event 4 times. Other countries that have hosted Sea Week include Italy, USA, Argentina and Norway. In 1998 it was determined that the competitor base for Sea Week had grown too big, there were over 300 participants at the events, and it was agreed by the CISM Board of Directors that Sea Week should revert back to being two different sporting disciplines. The last CISM Sea Week Championship was hosted by Sweden in 2000.  

In 2001 Canada hosted the first Military World Sailing Championships as Sailing became recognised as one of CISM‟s 26 World Sporting Disciplines. Bahrain, Brazil, Denmark, France, India, Poland and Spain have since all hosted World Military Sailing Championships.  
Sailing was included as a sport in four of the 5 World Military Games that have scheduled by CISM. At the 1999 during the 2nd World Military Games in Croatia, sailing was not included as sport, and Denmark hosted a World Military Sailing Championship instead. In 2000 Cdr/Lt Col Diane Hope (CAN) was appointed as the first President of the CISM Sports Committee for Sailing. In 2005, after the 39th World Military Sailing Championships was held in France, Cdr Ditmar Anderson (DEN) succeeded her.  He remained the President through to 2010 when he handed over to Cdr B. Weller (RSA).  

There has been a World Military Sailing Championships every year since 1949 (with the exception of 15 years) making this sport one of the few sports that holds regular championships. Since 2000 there have been countries representing each of the continents at the championships and the number of countries participating has averaged at 20 per event.


Pos Nation Crew Points
1 France  FRA - 21 Camille Lecointre / Sophie De Turckheim 13
2 Russia  RUS - 7 Alisa Kiriluyk / Liudmila Dmitrieva 14
3 Poland  POL - 24 Katarzyna Tylinska / Aleksandra Tulodziecka 29
4 Ukraine  UKR - 12 Anna Kyselova / Anastasiya Krasko 31
5 Germany  GER - 11 Victoria Jurczok / Anika Lorenz 35
Pos Nation Crew Points
1 Germany  GER - 9 Jan Jasper Wagner / Dustin Baldwein 9
2 Ukraine  UKR - 23 Broys Shvets / Pavlo Matsyev 18
3 Poland  POL - 2 Marcin Czajkowski / Piotr Przybylski 36
4 India  IND - 20 Pushparajan Muttu / Narendra Singh Rajput 36
5 Qatar  QAT - 17 Waleed Al - Sharshani / Jassim Al - Sulaiti 37
Last updated: 28 Nov 2014

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