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07 Jul 2019

If the organizer had the power to write a script for today’s final racing day, it would probably look a lot like what the weather conditions offered us on the Slovenian coast in the Piran bay in front of Portorož.

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2019 470 Junior World Championships

It was already clear yesterday that the weather will eventually change during the day, so the race committee decided for the early start. We had four races scheduled for today: the first one for the golden fleet sailors placed on 11.-27., the next for the silver fleet and the two medal races of course, ladies first and men & mixed as last. To expedite the logistics, the sailors were already sent out before the wind finally settled at 5 knots of sea breeze. The first two races, the gold 11.-27. and the race for the silver group, were sailed in light wind and hot air. Still, there were eager sailors crossing the line a bit too early - ufd’s were called for POL 450, SLO 21, ESP 73 and RUS 615. The start for the silver fleet was clear, as well for the girl’s medal race, followed by a huge left wind shift. The race was cancelled shortly after the girls rounded the first upwind mark. From there, it all happened really fast. We went from five knots of sea breeze to about 15 knots of southerly in the matter of minutes. After all - it was a medal race - and the conditions should harden accordingly, right!! The next start attempt for the girls’ medal race finished with a general recall, followed with an AP for more wind shifting, and finally a clear start on the black flag.

Men & mixed medal race start will be the one to remember for the French FRA 10 Alexandre Demange and Paco Lepoutre, holding third overall for a couple of last days, surely hoping to finish this championship on the podium. Seconds do matter here - and they were just a bit too fast on the starting line, earning additional 22 points - and finishing fifth overall. Italian sailors ITA 757 Giacomo Ferrari in Giulio Calabro secured their world’s golden title yesterday already, today they finished third. Silver goes to GER 22 Daniel Göttlich and Linus Klasen, and bronze to GER 74 Lucas Schlüter and Frederick Eichhorst. 

Giulio Calabro, ITA 757: “We’re super happy for this world champions title. Very good conditions, very good spot, the race committee was very professional, all races were perfect. I’m so happy, after six years in juniors competition in 470 we finally won the world champion’s title.”

In the girls’ fleet, the first crossing the finish line today were  German sailors GER 20 Theres Dahnke and Birte Winkel, followed by French FRA 19 Paola Amar and Marine Riou and JPN 12 Mano Udagawa and Ayano Kudo on third. The overall leaders, German GER 69 Luise and Helena Wanser finished the medal race in 6th, more than good enough for securing their overall world champions title. Silver goes to FRA 19 Paola Amar and Marine Riou and bronze to GER 20 Theres Dahnke and Birte Winkel.

The winning mixed team was the one holding the lead from the beginning: the Italians ITA 54 Maria Vittoria Marchesini and Bruno Festo, overall in 7th place. Silver went to ITA 75 Andrea Totis and Alice Linussi (overall 10th) and bronze to POL 13 Seweryn Wysokinski and Hanna Dzik (overall 15th).

Maria Vittoria Marchesini, ITA 54: “We just won in the mixed fleet, we’re really happy, sailing with a boy is really different than sailing with a girl, it’s better in strong wind. It was a really difficult championship, and we’re really happy.”

Dimitris Dimou, the president of International 470 Class: “The weather conditions were very good, during the week we had a full mix of light to medium and then stronger winds with waves. The race committee did a fantastic job and we completed all scheduled races without problems. Ashore the organization was excellent, congratulations to the three co-organizing clubs. Congratulations to the winners and the whole fleet, to our first 11 mixed teams, and hope to see more next year in Gdynia.”

Marjan Matevljič, the president of Pirat Sailing Club: ““We’re really happy with the event, everything went smoothly. I’d like to thank again both friendly clubs from across the border, the SIRENA Tržaški pomorski klub from Trieste and  Societa Velica di Barcola e Grignano, whose help was huge and very professional. I’d like to thank o our Pirat team as well, they were amazing. We’re receiving lots of compliments from sailors, coaches and the class officials, so I’m really happy and proud.

Next stop is Vilagarcia, Spain, venue of the Junior Europeans 2019, 23rd - 30th July.

More photos available on 470 class Flickr account

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