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23 Sep 2022

Korea Sailing Federation wants to recruit coaches for the national sailing team. The areas of recruitment follow:

- 470 coach
- ILCA 7 coach
- ILCA 6 coach
- ILCA 4 coach (Female only)
- iQFoil coach
- 49er coach


■ Main tasks

• Guidance of the technical development of the sailors

• Arranging and coaching during domestic and overseas events including 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 and Paris Olympics 2024.

• Collect, develop and share technical knowledge

• Develop and support the long term development plan of for national sailing team.

• Implement new coaching and sailing skills


■ Qualifications

• At least 2 years of national team experience or 3 years of coaching experience as professional coach

• Satisfactory technical knowledge

• A track record as a competitor and sailing coach

• Good communication skills

• Competence on group management and coordination

• Fluent English

• Full Time dedication on payroll

• No travel restrictions

• Ability to make regular report


■ Salary and other conditions

• According to the national sailing team coach payments standards.

• For details, please contact to KSAF (ksaf@sports.or.kr)


■ Contract period

From 1st November 2022 to 30th September 2024


■ How to Apply:

• Please submit a CV to KSAF (ksaf@sports.or.kr) by 30th September 2022.

• Sailing and coaching experience must be included in the CV.

• Applicants should write the name of class to apply correctly in the CV.


■ For further information please contact:

KSAF (Korea Sailing Federation)


Email: ksaf@sports.or.kr

T: +82-2-420-4390 (09:00-18:00, GMT+9)

F: +82-2-420-4391