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29 Mar 2023

TOPIC - How diversifying across a range of sailing makes you a better racer

Five world championship titles, silver and gold medals at two successive Olympics, Will Ryan achieved pretty much everything imaginable in the 470. Now that his hugely successful Olympic partnership with fellow Australian, Mat Belcher, is at an end, Will is in huge demand across a range of different boat types.

Here are some of the high level campaigns this hugely likable pro sailor is currently engaged in:
Etchells World Championships
SailGP (Switzerland SailGP Team)
TF35 multihulls (Vitamina Sailing Team)
TP52 keelboats (Alegre)
The pros and cons of specialisation versus diversification, it’s a topic we discuss a lot on Road To Gold. Pretty safe to say that Will’s varied CV puts him in the ‘diversification’ side of the debate! So we’ll be exploring what relevance one kind of sailing has to another.
Will also developed huge levels of fitness for the 470 campaign, so we’ll be getting him to share his top tips for keeping fit while travelling the world.
And what of working under the tutelage of the Medal Maker himself, Victor Kovalenko? In past RTG Q&A calls with Mat Belcher and Tom King, those Olympic Champions have already shared valuable insights into Victor’s successful methods. Will’s experience working with Mat and Victor is also going to be a very interesting line of discussion on the call.
Get online with Road To Gold for a free Zoom call and a 60-minute Q&A session with Will, and learn how to apply his hard-earned experience to your own sailing ventures.
Road To Gold Q&A calls are free to join live, and offer a rare opportunity to speak directly with some of the best sailors in the world. If you’ve got questions about training, teamwork, attitude, technical challenges, anything related to making your boat or board go faster, join these calls live. Road To Gold’s Andy Rice and Hamish Willcox will be fielding live questions throughout each 60-minute session.
Make sure you’re signed up to the Road To Gold Facebook Group to get further info on the call.