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470 Continental Championships


04 Dec 2021

The 470 Class South American Championship concluded on Friday December 3rd in Porto Alegre, Brazil. 

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2021 470 South American Championship


Eight teams have battled it out on the waters of Guaíba. The Commodore of Clube dos Jangadeiros, Pedro Pesce, highlighted the high technical level of the regatta. “I am sure the technical level of this championship is of world reference. This championship was exceptional and the sailors who are here performed wonderful races”, he said.

The title of the 2021 470 South American Champions went to Ana Barbachan and Rodrigo Link, followed by Fernanda Oliveira and Gustavo Thiessen who came in second place.

Ana Barbachan highlighted that the championship served as a great preparation for the next championships. “A championship like this is equivalent to a month of training and it was very good for me and Rodrigo to improve even more as a team. The technical level was very good”, concluded. Fernanda Oliveira, who finished in second place, explained that the result was very beneficial to her as she returned back to competition mode. “It was a week blessed with very good winds in Porto Alegre. I was very happy to sail again, after the Olympic Games in July”, commented Fernanda. Georgia Rodrigues sailed alongside Rodolfo Streibel and finished the competition in 4th place.

Final results

1. Rodrigo Link / Ana Barbachan 
2. Fernanda Oliveira / Gustavo Thiesen 
3. Geison Mendes / Taís Loch 
4. Geórgia Rodrigues / Rodolfo Streibel 
5. Juliana Duque / Rafael Martins 
6. Pedro Corrêa / Alice Lu Brandão 
7. Marina Roma da Fonte / Stefano Motta Geronimi 
8. Luisa Gandolpho / Antônio Pedro Gandolpho 

Congratulations to all sailors for the excellent competition!

Source: https://jangadeiros.com.br