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470 National Championships


10 Sep 2023

The Persson Marine 470 Class Japan Sailing Championship 2023 was held at Yuriage Yacht Harbor, Natori City, Miyagi, Japan.

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2023 470 All Japan National Championship


 On the final day, the wind was light in the morning, and the competitors waited for the wind to start blowing before heading out to sea. Two races were held in light wind conditions, just barely enough for racing. Tetsuya Isozaki/Yurie Seki took first place in Race 4 of the Gold Fleet and were closing in on Keiju Okada/Miho Yoshioka. However, in the final race, Okada/Yoshioka captured Isozaki/Seki from the start and did not allow any overturn.  Okada/Yoshioka went on to win the Japan Championship. Keiju Okada commented, "Today, the key was to be in the top group and to sail in front of the Isozaki/Seki team. There is no team faster than Isozaki's boat in the Asian Games that we will be competing this month, so if we can do our best, I am confident that we can win. Yoshioka commented: “We kept our eyes on Isozaki's boat today. In the second race, we knew that if we finish within third place, we would secure victory, so we tried to secure that score. I am pleased that we were able to win.” This is the fifth All-Japan title for Okada and the fourth for Yoshioka, and the second for the same pair since the 470 class became a mixed event for men and women. 

◎ Keiyu Okada and Miho Yoshioka’s history in 470 Japan Championships: 

2013 Fukuoka Ai Yoshida/Miho Yoshioka 
2017 Enoshima Keiju Okada/Junpei Hokazono
2018 Enoshima Keiju Okada/Junpei Hokazono 
2019 Enoshima Ai Yoshida/Miho Yoshioka 
2020 Enoshima Keiju Okada/Junpei Hokazono 
2021 Enoshima Keiju Okada/Miho Yoshioka 
2023 Yuriage Miyagi Keiju Okada/Miho Yoshioka.

Okada and Yoshioka will compete in the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China in late September, then train with other national and international teams for the team selection of the Paris Olympics 2024 (470 World Championships in February and the Last Chance Regatta in April). 

Results can be found on official website: https://www.alljpn470.org/