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470 class sailors that will participate in Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.

470 MEN

  Nation Athletes    
1 American Samoa Tyler Paige / Adrian Hoesch Tyler and Adrian qualified for the Olympics at the 2020 Oceania championship.
2 Angola Matias Montinho / Paixão Afonso The 2020 African 470 Champions will compete in their 2nd Olympic Games, after Rio 2016.
3 Australia Mathew Belcher / William Ryan 8-time World Champion Mat Belcher, together with 5-time World Champion Will Ryan will seek another Olympic medal, after their Silver in Rio 2016 and Mat's Gold in London 2012. They won back to back the World Championship and the Test Event in Enoshima in 2019.
4 Brazil Henrique Haddad / Bruno Bethlem Henrique, a former Snipe World Champion together with Bruno managed to win the Brazilian trials against strong competition, to go to their 2nd Olympics after Rio 2016. 
5 Canada Jacob Saunders / Oliver Bone Jacob and Oliver won the North American Olympic Qualifier in 2020. It will be Jacob's 2nd Olympic Games after Rio 2016.
6 China Xu Zangjun / Wang Chao The Chinese team was 12th at the 2019 Worlds in Enoshima.
7 France Kevin Peponnet / Jérémie Mion The 2018 World Champions, they won the European title in May 2021, in the last regatta before the Olympics. 
8 Great Britain Luke Patience / Chris Grube The British duo were the 2014 European Champions and are seeking to improve on their 5th position at the Rio 2016 Games. Luke won the Silver medal in London 2012.
9 Greece Panagiotis Mantis / Pavlos Kagialis One of the most experienced teams, the Rio 2016 Bronze medallists are always strong contenders. They have won 2 World Championship bronze medals and they were the European Champions in 2010.
10 Italy Giacomo Ferrari /  Giulio Calabrò ITA 757, Giacomo and Giulio or simply G&G, are the protagonists of the Italian 470.

It all began on the shores of Ostia (Roman coastline), when in 2004 the two youngsters started sailing with their optimist. At the beginning their "careers" did not meet, in fact while Giacomo continued for a few years on the small single Optimist, Giulio immediately gained experience on double dinghies.

Their intentions merged in 2009, when they began their adventure as a pair: first on the 420 and then on the Olympic speciality 470.

The road that led them to professionalism (they are currently enlisted in the Navy's Sports Group) is full of commitment and sacrifice. The boys say that even as children, after a week at school, they would spend their weekends training. When they became teenagers, their activities did not change: they often had to give up going out with friends on Saturday evening to be ready for the water on Sunday morning.

Even the relationship with the teachers was strained in some circumstances, in fact the two, with the passing of the years, began to train/register also during the week and for this reason given the absences they did not always find understanding in the teachers.

After the numerous victories during their 420 experience, the Roman boys began to look to the future, seeking in the 470 what could become their profession.

Sometimes destiny winks at us, and that is exactly what happens in this case to Giacomo and Giulio. They came into contact with Olympian Gabrio Zandonà, who, being from Ostia, began to take an interest in the two youngsters for fun and games. This was the starting point for the recent history of the pair (now a trio), consolidating their position at the top of the class in the Capitoline waters after Gabrio.
11 Japan Keiju Okada / Jumpei Hokazono The local favorites, they have won probably the most difficult national selection trials, against many other top level Japanese teams, to compete in their first Olympic Games. 
12 New Zealand Paul Snow-Hansen / Daniel Willcox Paul and Dan won the 2021 Open Europeans just two months before the 2021 Games in a chartered boat and after being isolated from international competitions at home for more than 18 months. The 2016 World championship Sipver medallists will seek to improve on their Rio 2016 10th place and Paul's 5th place in London 2012. 
13 Portugal Diogo Costa /  Pedro Costa They started sailing at the age of 5 (Diogo) and 6 (Pedro) years old in Porto, thier home town. Since that time, they've always been together; training together, competing together, having fun together. In 2011, Pedro started the 420 qualifying for his first European championship in 2012, while, Diogo did his last year in the Optimist class, qualifying for the World champion held in Dominican Republic.

2012 was a big year for them, marking a huge chapter in our lives: they have started sailing the 420 together. With Pedro's experience, and a lot of work, they managed to qualify for the Worlds and the Junior Europeans. The following year they kept the rhythm and qualified for both events again, but the results weren't good enough, so they wanted more. In October 2014, they had the opportunity to start training with the coach of the same year's World Champions, Lorenzo de Felice. That was another big marker in their careers; the team was an excellent one and the results started showing. The next couple of years were really good for them: they were Portuguese champions twice (2015/16), top 5 in some of the most important regattas in the European circuit, and topped it off being World Champions in 2016.

The 2016 worlds were their last 420 championship, because they started sailing the 470 later the same year. The 470 class has a lot of history in Portugal: it is the last Portuguese sailing medal at the Olympics and it was sailed by some of our heroes (such as Hugo Rocha, Nuno Barreto, Miguel Nunes and Álvaro Marinho). After hard training, with a lot of good teams, they finished 11th at the Europeans. This was a great result for them, but it came with an injury. Pedro got injured in the knee and had to stop sailing for 3 months. After this forced break, they came back and the rollercoaster started for them. 2017 and 2018 were hard years for them, for many different reasons, and they ended up losing themselves a little bit. In 2019, however, they regrouped and found their path, and they've been working on it ever since. This work led them to finish 4th at the youth worlds in 2019, top 5 in most regattas in Lanzarote, 2nd at the Worlds in 2021 and, best of all, it led us to qualify Portugal, and themselves, for the Olympic Games.


14 ROC Pavel Sozykin /  Denis Gribanov The bronze medallists at the 2015 Worlds are competing in their 2nd Olympics after 2016.
15 South Korea Sungmin Cho / Gunwoo Park The South Korean team were the 2019 470 Asian Champions.
16 Spain Jordi Xammar / Nicolás Rodríguez Jordi and Nicolás have won medals in 3 out of the last 4 Worlds and Europeans. In their second Olympics they are one of the strong contenders for a medal.
17 Sweden Anton Dahlberg / Fredrik Bergström The reigning world champions and 2018 & 2019 European Champions have dominated the class since 2017, narrowly missing the 2017 and 2018 World championship titles. It will be Anton's 4th Olympics and the 2nd with Fredrik on the wire.
18 United States Stuart McNay / David Hughes The winners of the 2015 Open Europeans have dominated the North American scene for the most part of a decade. On Stu's 4th Olympics and the 2nd with Dave, the veteran team are seeking the medal that eluded them in Rio, where they finished 4th.
19 Turkey Deniz Çınar / Ateş Çınar They started sailing on 1995 in Foca / Izmir. They have been sailing in 470 class for 16 years. Tokyo will be their 4th Olympic Games and they are so proud to represent their country in Olympic Games. They are very happy to be part of Olympic Family and enjoy every minute of their journey.


  Nation Athletes    
1 Argentina María Belén Tavella / Lourdes Hartkopf Maria and Lourdes go to teh Olympics as the winners of the South American qualifier at the 2020 South American 470 Championship.
2 Australia Nia Jerwood / Monique de Vries Former 420 World Champions Nia and Monique will represent Australia at the Olympics after a 9th place at the 2019 Worlds.
3 Brazil Fernanda Oliveira / Ana Barbachan Fernanda, the 2008 bronze medallist, is heading to a record 6th Olympics, the 3rd of which teaming with Ana, seeking to improve their 6th and 8th places in 2012 and 2016 respectively.
4 China Wei Mengxi / Gao Haiyan   The Chinese duo had top ten results in 2018 and 2019, finishing 6th and 10th respectively at the Worlds. Together with the Japanese team, they haven't competed against the rest of the fleet since the 2019 Worlds.
5 France Camille Lecointre / Aloïse Retornaz Camille is one of the most experienced sailors of the 470 women's fleet. The 2016 World champion and bronze medallist in Rio has won convincingly the last major event before the Olympics, the 2021 Europeans, with Aloïse, repeating their 2019 win. They have a bronze medal from the 2019 Worlds in Enoshima, making them one of the favorite teams for a medal.
6 Germany Luise Wanser / Anastasiya Winkel Luise, the 2019 Junior World Champion, teamed up with Anastasiya, the 2013 and 2014 Junior European Champion, in a late campaign, managing to win the German selection against 3 other strong teams in a very close battle at the 2021 Worlds.
7 Great Britain Hannah Mills / Eilidh McIntyre

Hannah has been at the top of the 470 women's fleet since 2011. A two time World Champion, and Silver and Gold medallist in 2012 and 2016, Hannah has had a very succesful quad with Eilidh, winning the 2019 Worlds and finishing 2nd and 3rd at the 2017 and 2018 Worlds, in addition to two 2nd places at the 2018 and 2019 Europeans. Definitely one of the main contenders for a medal in Enoshima.


8 Greece Ariadne-Paraskevi Spanaki / Emilia Tsoulfa Ariadne, a 420 champion, teamed up with Milly for a late campaign in November 2019, bringing her back from 470 retirement after 15 years. Milly, a 4-time World champion, 2000-2003 and the Gold medallist in 2004, is going to her 4th Olympics after 1996, 2000 and 2004. The Greek team finished 10th at the 2021 Europeans, their second major 470 regatta together.
9 Israel Noya Baram / Shahar Tibi   Noya is 24, and Shahar is 23 years old. They sail together for 3 years. Tokyo 2020 will be their first participation in the Olympics.
10 Italy Elena Berta / Bianca Caruso Elena and Blanca have been sailing together since 2018.
They both grew up in the city of Rome and started sailing at a very young age.
Elena started sailing in Ostia, on the seaside of Rome, and Blanca, on Bracciano Lake, a small Lake not far from the city.
They met when they were Optimist sailors although Elena is some years older.
Their roads split up after the Optimist, with Elena sailing the 420 and Blanca sailing the laser.
They met again in 2014 when Blanca started sailing the 470 and funnily enough, they have been around each other many years before making the decision to sail together!
Their goals were the same and their personalities very similar so, in 2018, they gave it a go and immediately came 4th at the European Championship in Burgas after not even a week of training!
From there, they never stopped working towards their dream to win an Olympic medal.
They are stoked to be representing Italy at the Olympic Games and cannot wait to make everyone back home proud!

11 Japan Ai Kondo Yoshida / Miho Yoshioka Ai Kondo Yoshida is one of the most experienced 470 sailors in the Olympic fleet. They were the 2018 World Champions, the first Japanese team to achieve that, and followed this success with a silver medal at the 2019 Worlds in Enoshima. The local favorites are strong contenders for a medal even though they haven't managed to compete against the fleet since 2019.
12 Malaysia Nuraisyah Jamil / Juni Noor Jamali   Nuraisyah and Juni will represent Malaysia as the Asian qualifier winners at the 2019 Asian 470 Championship.
13 Mozambique Denise Parruque /  Maria Machava   Denise and Maria won the African qualifier at the 2020 African 470 Championship.
14 Netherlands Afrodite Zegers / Lobke Berkhout Afrodite Zegers and Lobke Berkhout got together in the end of 2018 for one final challenge together. In 1,5 year (it became 2,5 year) they pushed a shot for an Olympic medal at the games of Tokyo.
Lobke is looking for a Gold to complete her collection. Afro is fighting hard to bring an Olympic medal home, as last games she finished 4th on one point from Bronze in Rio.
Having two podium places on the Europeans in 2019 and the Worlds in 2021, we are really looking forward to Tokyo. As a team, together with their coach Trigonis Konstantinos, they had a great journey these last few year. Working hard, but also enjoying this road together. They became better and wiser persons. Ready to take on the battle against this amazing group of skilled (sailing) women.
15 Poland Agnieszka Skrzypulec / Jolanta Ogar Aga (2017) and Yola (2014 and 2015) have between them 3 World Championship titles, but with different partners.
16 Slovenia Tina Mrak / Veronika Macarol Tina and Veronica were the European Champions in 2015 and in 2018, and they won the bronze medal at the 2017 Worlds.
17 Spain Silvia Mas / Patricia Cantero The reigning World Champions and silver medallists at the 2018 Worlds are one of the strongest contenders for a medal in Enoshima. They started sailing together a bit more than 4 years ago, they didn't know each other very much but soon they started to get along very well and realised that they could make a strong team. They knew that we would have to put in more hours and work harder than anyone if they wanted to reach a good level and get the support they needed, because most of their rivals were already very experienced. And so they started the journey to the Tokyo Olympic Games which turned out to be 1 year longer than expected due to the Covid pandemic. At the moment, looking back, they are happy with their work and performance, and feel confident that they are prepared to face their last big goal in Tokyo 2020ne.
18 Sweden Olivia Bergström /  Lovisa Karlsson Olivia and Lovisa are going to the Olympics with a well deserved 9th place at the 2021 Europeans as their latest and best result in the class.
19 Switzerland Linda Fahrni / Maja Siegenthaler Linda and Maja, are sailing since 2009 together on a boat. First on the 420 and since 2011 on the 470. Their first and one of the biggest success was the 1st place at the ISAF Youth Worlds in 2010. This event opened many doors for them and made them to dream bigger. Olympic Games! In Rio 2016 they had their first experience on Olympic waters and they decided to go for a second round. And now here they are: they are looking forward for good and fair fights on the water in Enoshima this year.
20 Turkey Beste Kaynakcı / Okyanus Arıkan 17-year old Okyanus is the youngest of the women 470 sailors in Enoshima, Crewing for Beste, they won the challenging European qualifier at the 2021 Worlds.
21 United States Nikki Barnes / Lara Dallmann-Weiss

LT Nikole ‘Nikki’ Barnes was born and raised on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, where she started sailing Optimists at age 6. She competed in several Optimist National, Continental and World Championships, then skippered the International 420 where she earned a Bronze Medal at the ISAF Youth Worlds in Zadar, Croatia in 2011. Nikki also sailed Club 420’s on the Antilles School Sailing Team. The team enjoyed several podium finishes in U.S. High School Team and Fleet Racing championships. During her four years at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Nikki received three-time All-American skipper honors. She was named Quantum Women’s Sailor of the Year in 2006. After graduation and commissioning as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard in 2017, Nikki received a Special Support Billet to train for the Olympics while stationed in Miami, Florida. She is the first active-duty U.S. Coast Guard Officer – male or female, to qualify for the Olympics – in any sport. Nikki is a member of the St. Francis Yacht Club and St. Thomas Yacht Club. Fun fact: Nikki’s childhood nickname is ‘Noodles’ and her favorite foods are candy and kale.

Lara Dallman-Weiss was born and raised in Shoreview, MN, where she started sailing in Optimists at age 6. She then moved on to crewing for her father on a Johnson 18 and then skippering X boats, an inland-lake youth boat, at age 12 with friends in regattas on White Bear Yacht Club. A star athlete in several land-based sports such as basketball and running, specifically she was a True Team State champion and State champion in the 800-meter and 1-mile events, Lara passed up a collegiate track scholarship in favor of attending Eckerd College, in Florida. Here, she was a captain and a four-year member of the sailing team, including three-time skipper and crew of the year honors. In 2013, she was selected as a member of the U.S. Sailing Olympic Development Team in the 470. Lara is a proficient crew in big boats as well, earning North American champion in the Farr 40 class. She is also a member of the White Bear Lake Yacht Club and New York Yacht Club. Fun facts: Lara is left-handed and was born in a snowstorm.

A mutual friend introduced Nikki and Lara in early 2018 in Miami. At the time, Lara was nearby on the water flying drones and after a quick phone call, she zipped over to where Nikki was training. The two got in the 470, sailed together for about an hour and were both pleased to find they were both in search of the same thing: a perfectly sailed boat. They agreed to hire an Olympic-level coach for a day to analyze their ability, whereupon he told them they meshed perfectly as a team. Next, wanting to make sure the fit was well thought out before Lara quit work, both women attended a U.S. Sailing Team 470 clinic where Nikki was able to get confirmation from several coaches to go forth with the idea to sail as a team. What has made Nikki and Lara, Team Perfect Vision Sailing, come together so quickly is the past racing experience they both hold individually, their ideal physical size, and the desire to train relentlessly. On March 12, 2021, at the 470 World Championships in Vilamoura, Portugal, Nikki and Lara qualified as the U.S. Sailing Team and Team USA’s Women’s 470 Team for the 2020 (2021) Summer Olympics in Tokyo.